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Relaxed, soulful school portraits

"Kate has become a staple at our school. Without fail she takes the time to create beautiful images of our students that look both polished and professional yet shines their personalities through with each snap."

Andrea Duckwall, Hood River

"Wow!  Our experience having Kate photograph our students for their school photos was amazing.  Kate photographed our 40 students (ages 3-10) outdoors on the school grounds.  She connected easily with each child, gained their trust and captured relaxed authentic photos of each student.  The photos were all truly stunning.  The parents were THRILLED with the portraits, my family included.  As the School Director I was really impressed with Kate’s professional yet easygoing approach to the project.  The teachers were raving about her too!  The whole process was super simple, organized and she delivered everything just as promised.  I highly recommend Kate to any school looking for authentic, professional and affordable student portraits."

-Courtney Morich, Director, New Vision School

Kiddos are my favorite subjects.

They keep me on my toes and the imagery that results from their inherent energy and uninhibited spirit makes me smile every time. I strive to capture honest, candid moments that stand apart from your typical school portrait session.   

Info + Cost
My school sessions use natural, outdoor lighting. I spend approximately 5 minutes with each student, and parents enjoy an online viewing gallery with a variety of color and black and white images delivered within 2 weeks of our time together. 

$48 per student  |  541-399-3446

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly

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